Ash Class 

Welcome to Ash Class where you can find out what our Year 3 and 4 children have been learning. 

#HelloYellow Mental Health Day 2020

Ash class have had a great day raising awareness for mental health. They had lots of great ideas about how to promote positive mental wellbeing. They created their own yellow props and bunting with important messages and advice. Well done Ash Class! 

Investigating the properties of rocks

As part of our unit on rocks we have been investigating the permeability, density and durability of different rocks. We recorded our results and then concluded what we found out.  

Cave paintings

In Art we have been developing our skills with shade and texture. We then created our own cave paintings using charcoal, oil pastels and sand paper. It harder than it looked. 

Keeping active

Practising our 4 times tables while exercising. We love super movers! 


Our Year 4 children had a great time learning some new skills with a hula hoop. Well done everyone! 

Welcome back Ash Class!

We had lots of happy, smiley Year 4 children when we returned to school on Thursday and Friday. The children took all of the new routines and extra precautions in their stride. They were super stars! We got stuck straight in with basic maths skills, reading, colour mixing and discussions about emotions through our focus text "The colour monster". What a great start to Year 4! 

Scremerston First School 2020 Olympic Games

Well done to everyone who took part, both at home and at school. We ended the week with our very own Olympics with running, jumping and throwing events. 

Summer Term 2 Week 4 

This week our home learning and school theme was under the sea. Look at how busy everyone has been. 

19th October Cocklawburn Beach Visit

Today as part of our Science learning we went to the beach to look for different types of rocks and fossils. The children were full of enthusiasm and used lots of the vocabulary that we have been focusing on in class to describe what they found. Well done Year 4! 

Geometry - 3d shapes

As part of our Maths curriculum every Thursday and Friday the children focus on a geometry or data and measure aspect of Maths. This half term the children have really enjoyed learning about angles, horizontal and vertical lines, parallel and perpendicular lines and 2d and 3d shapes. This week the children described the properties of 3d shapes using language such as edges, faces and vertices. They also explored which 3d shapes are prisms. 

Summer Term Week 5

Another super busy week and lots of platinum awards given out this week for all of your hard work. Well done everyone! 

Summer Term Week 4 

Another very busy week for Ash Class. Well done everyone. 

Summer Term Week 3 

Summer Term Week 1

What a busy first week back it's been. Ash Class have been up to all sorts of exciting things from painting, baking, lambing, newspaper report writing, tricky maths decimal work to adventurous walks, reading to grandparents over video calls, 5k runs, science experiments as well as finding the time to make birthday cards for Captain Tom. Well done everyone you are all superstars! 

Volcano writing

Some more great examples of the hard work some of the children have been doing on the busy things tasks that I have been assigning. Well done! 

Busy Things 

Here are some of the task which the children have been completing over the past few weeks. 

Summer Term 2 Week 2

This week our learning both at school and at home, has focused on the rainforest. Animal fact files, layers of the rainforest labelling, oil pastel art, postcards, reading comprehensions and not to mention the fantastic dioramas are just some of the things Ash Class have been up to this week. Well done everyone. 

Summer Term 2 Week 3 

Lots more fantastic pictures of the learning that you have been doing both at home and in school. Castle Art inspired by the artist Paul Klee, vertical and horizontal lines in Maths, teeth research and more work on the digestive system and rainforests are just some of the things that Ash Class have been learning this week. 


Ash Class enjoyed their first dance session of Autumn 2. Everyone had great fun! 

Friends Resilience 

This week the children spent some time tuning into their senses. It's a simple mindfulness exercise where children are encouraged to pay attention and think about the present moment. 

Making 3d models

Ash class completed their properties of shape unit by constructing 3d shape models using straws and plasticine. They created cubes, cuboids, triangular based pyramids, square based pyramids, triangular prisms and were able to describe the faces, vertices and edges. We even had a pentagonal prism and a hexagonal prism.  

3rd April 2020 Home Learning

Lots more pictures of learning that you have been doing at home. From baking, running, dressing up for Joe Wick's Funday Friday PE lesson, reading, lots of project making and even some French. Well done everyone, it's lovely to see everyone trying so hard. 

29th March 2020 Home Learning

Look how busy Ash Class have been over the last week. Well done everyone keep the photographs coming! 

Summer Term Week 2

I have received lots of photographs of Ash Class outside enjoying the sunshine as well as being busy drawing maps, making and posting cards to Captain Tom, even more Science experiments and some very well presented work about light sources. Well done everyone you really are making me very proud.  

Creative writing with Tweedmouth Middle School 

Recently our Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a creative writing task alongside some Year 8 children from Tweedmouth Middle School. All of the children produced work that they really should be proud of. Well done to everyone involved!

Homework Projects

We are super impressed with the effort that the children have put into their Viking projects. We have had booklets, viking village replicas, posters, maps and long boat models. The children did a fantastic job of sharing their work with the rest of the class and showed how much they learnt during the process. Well done everyone! 


In Maths we use a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to our learning which really helps us understand the calculations that we are carrying out. Here the children are dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using place value counters. 

World Book Day in Ash Class

Art and Design

As part of our work on the text 'How to train your dragon', the children have designed and created their own dragon eyes using clay. Don't they look fantastic? 

Building Bridges

The children were tasked with building the strongest bridge to bridge a 50 cm gap.  They were given newspaper and a limited amount of sellotape. The children did a great job working in their pairs which involved problem solving, communication skills and whole lot of resilience. Well done everyone. A few bridges proved to be unbreakable. 


In Science we have been investigating the amount of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks and testing to find out which drink is the fizziest. We were amazed with our results. We were also fascinated to see raisins 'dance' when they were placed in to lemonade and came up with some fantastic explanations as to why this happened.