Scremerston First School

Ash Class 

Welcome to Ash Class where you can find out what our Year 3 and 4 children have been learning. 

29th March 2020 Home Learning

Look how busy Ash Class have been over the last week. Well done everyone keep the photographs coming! 

3rd April 2020 Home Learning

Lots more pictures of learning that you have been doing at home. From baking, running, dressing up for Joe Wick's Funday Friday PE lesson, reading, lots of project making and even some French. Well done everyone, it's lovely to see everyone trying so hard. 


In Science we have been investigating the amount of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks and testing to find out which drink is the fizziest. We were amazed with our results. We were also fascinated to see raisins 'dance' when they were placed in to lemonade and came up with some fantastic explanations as to why this happened. 

Homework Projects

We are super impressed with the effort that the children have put into their Viking projects. We have had booklets, viking village replicas, posters, maps and long boat models. The children did a fantastic job of sharing their work with the rest of the class and showed how much they learnt during the process. Well done everyone! 

Creative writing with Tweedmouth Middle School 

Recently our Year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a creative writing task alongside some Year 8 children from Tweedmouth Middle School. All of the children produced work that they really should be proud of. Well done to everyone involved!


In Maths we use a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to our learning which really helps us understand the calculations that we are carrying out. Here the children are dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using place value counters. 

World Book Day in Ash Class

Art and Design

As part of our work on the text 'How to train your dragon', the children have designed and created their own dragon eyes using clay. Don't they look fantastic? 

Building Bridges

The children were tasked with building the strongest bridge to bridge a 50 cm gap.  They were given newspaper and a limited amount of sellotape. The children did a great job working in their pairs which involved problem solving, communication skills and whole lot of resilience. Well done everyone. A few bridges proved to be unbreakable.