Reading At Scremerston


 Scremerston’s Reading Vision

At Scremerston we aim to provide a reading curriculum that fosters a love of reading through a creative, broad and balanced approach. We believe that language and literacy are fundamental in building the foundations for success.

We have developed a cohesive reading curriculum with a clear skills progression from the Early Years through to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage Two, ensuring that children are sufficiently challenged and supported to allow them to prepare for their next stage in their education. Using the context of our school, we have also placed a strong importance on opportunities for oracy and are developing further opportunities to extend this using research from the EEF and School 21.

Our reading curriculum is successfully adapted, designed and developed for children with special needs and disabilities. We are using bespoke teaching, learning and assessment methods, guided and enhanced by the other agencies and specialists to provide an ambitious curriculum for all children.

At Scremerston we follow the Read, Write Inc. synthetic phonics programme from Early Years and through KS1. 

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An author called Helen Peters came in to talk about her animal farm books. Helen read a bit of the first chapter from 'A Pig Called Truffle'.  She showed us pictures of the animals that she grew up with as she lived on a farm.  There were some very lovely pictures such as her with her pigs.  In her books she makes up comic books and magazines about animals like 'Practical Pigs'.  She spoke about the animal series which includes 'A Goat Called Willow', 'An Owl Called Star', 'A Kitten Called Holly', 'An Otter Called Pebble' and a few more.
Helen Peters also showed us a section of 'A Duckling Called Button' where Bella Bradley's dog killed the mother duck and the only duck left was the baby duck that Jasmine and Tom rescue and name Button.  She then read from 'A Goat Called Willow' and 'An Owl Called Star'.  Just some of her books are aimed at Children.  Another person does the illustrations for the books.  After Harry Potter they are the best books ever, they are brilliant.
Lara Year 4