The study of history involves engaging pupils in investigating questions about people and events in the past in order to enable them to better understand their lives today and for a future as more informed and enlightened citizens.  With this in mind we have established a 2-year rolling curriculum plan for history as an entitlement for all pupils that is:

  • Aspirational in terms of instilling in all of our pupils a desire to achieve the highest levels of success through providing them with the opportunities to excel in terms of their acquisition of long lasting knowledge and understanding and mastery of core historical skills.
  • Logical, and broad and balanced in terms of the areas of subject content we have selected which reflect the guidance and the demands of the National Curriculum. For example, in Key Stage 1 we have ensured that the content includes a stronger focus on both local and British history enquires including the Great Fire of London to World War 1. While in Key Stage 2 children are introduced to world history focusing on the achievements of ancient civilizations such as the Maya in addition to local and British history.
  • Chronologically sequenced within each yearly cycle so that our children progress through each cycle with opportunities to evaluate both change and progress from one historical period to another and to build on previous knowledge and understanding as they tackle more complex and demanding enquiries.
  • Relevant for our children in terms of utilising local historical landmarks, for example the island of Lindisfarne and its significance in the Viking invasion and Hadrian’s Wall and the role it played in defending the Roman Empire. Both of which are brought to life with a visit where experiential learning takes place.
  • Progressively more challenging Years 1 through 6 both in terms of the complexity of the subject knowledge we want our pupils to acquire and also the historical skills that we want the children to develop with the use of ‘Milestones’.
  • Built upon and has continuity with the provision for history established in the Early Years Foundation Stage and in particular that which addresses the knowledge and skills expectations of the Past and Present Early Learning Goal.
  • Inclusive in terms of delivering the same curriculum to all of our pupils irrespective of specific learning needs or disabilities and differentiating where necessary through, for example, in class support, providing different learning environments, alternative learning activities and assessment outcomes.
  • Contextualised through a topic-based approach (where appropriate) creating opportunities for knowledge and skills to be applied outside of a ‘history lesson’.

History Policy 

Below is our History policy which outlines in more detail how our History curriculum is taught. 

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History Enquiries

These are the enquiries which are taught across a 2 year rolling programme at Scremerston First School. Within each enquiry there are between 5 and 8 ancillary questions which are outlined in greater depth in the Key Stage overviews.

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Progression of Skills

This whole school document outlines how skills are developed and built upon from the early years up to Year 6. This document has been created alongside partnership middle schools to ensure that there is a sound progression and coverage throughout the primary age range. The Key Stage overviews shows in more detail how these skills are embedded within each enquiry.   

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Key Stage 1 Overview

Key Stage 2 Overview

Our History Curriculum in practice