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The Governing Body plays an important part in the life of our school. The Governors are responsible for the appointment of staff, management of the school, maintenance of the building, ensuring our high standards are maintained and a range of other matters which enable the school to function smoothly. All Governors are members of either the Resources Committee or the Curriculum Committee.

Governors formally visit school once a term and report back to the Governors’ termly meeting. Minutes of Governors’ meetings are available in school for inspection by parents.

Governors complete an annual Register of Pecuniary Interests.  The 2016-17 Register indicated that no members of the Governing Body have any interests which would conflict with the interests of the school or Governing Body.

Download the 2017-2018 register

School Governors

  • Community Governor - Mr George Dance – Vice-Chairperson
  • LEA Governor - Mrs Elizabeth Brown
  • LEA Governor - Mrs Barbara Reed
  • Parent Governor - Mrs Lynsey Jardine
  • Parent Governor - Mr Brian Bowden
  • Parent Governor - Mrs Laura Catterall
  • Community Governor - Mrs Jill Nottingham
  • Parent Governor - Mr Phil Rogers - Chairperson- C/O Scremerston First School 
  • Headteacher Governor - Mrs Sarah Smith
  • Teacher Governor - Mrs Bryony Haggerstone 


12th October 2015

Present:  Brian Bowden, George Dance, Gemma Dodds, Helen Harrison, Lynsey Jardine, Matthew Knox, Philip Rogers, Barbara Hubbard.

Apologies: Caroline Tyser, Barbara Reed

22nd February 2016

Present: Helen Harrison, George Dance, Caroline Tyser, Lynsey Jardine, Phil Rogers, Matthew Knox

Apologies Brian Bowden, Barbara Reed, Gemma Dodds

16th May 2016

Present: George Dance, Gemma Dodds, Helen Harrison, Phil Rogers, Barbara Reed, Lynsey Jardine, Caroline Tyser, Brain Bowden, Matthew Knox.

Apologies None.

7th November 2016

Present:  George Dance, Caroline Tyser, Barbara Reed, Brian Bowden, Matthew Knox, Phil Rogers,  Helen Harrison,  Bryony Haggerstone.

Apologies: Mrs. Gemma Dodds, Mrs. Lynsey Jardine

6th February 2016

Present: George Dance, Barbara Reed, Brian Bowden, Matthew Knox, Phil Rogers, Helen Harrison, Bryony Haggerstone, Gemma Dodds

Apologies:Caroline Tyser, Lynsey Jardine

8th May 2017

Present: George Dance, Brain Bowden, Matthew Knox, Phil Rogers, Helen Harrison, Bryony Haggerstone, Caroline Tyser

Apologies: Barbara Reed, Lynsey Jardine, Gemma Dodds

13th November 2017

Present: George Dance, Helen Harrison, Matthew Knox, Caroline Tyser, Barbara Reed, Lynsey Jardine, Brian Bowden, Phil Rogers, Bryony Haggerstone, Laura Catterrall

Apologies: None

5th February 2018

Present: George Dance, Helen Harrison, Caroline Tyser, Barbara Reed, Phil Rogers, Bryony Haggerstone, Laura Catterall

Apologies: Matthew Knox, Lynsey Jardine, Brian Bowden, Jill Nottingham

14th May 2018

Present:  George Dance, Sarah Smith, Lynsey Jardine, Brian Bowden, Rev. Matthew Knox, Phil Rogers, Bryony Haggerstone, Jill Nottingham, Elizabeth Brown

Apologies: Laura Catterall, Barbara Reed

20th November 2018

Present:  George Dance, Sarah Smith, Bryony Haggerstone, Brian Bowden, Phil Rogers, Lynsey Jardine, Elizabeth Brown, Barbara Reed, Laura Catterall

Apologies:  Jill Nottingham