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Mrs Smith is the Head Teacher of the whole school. Mrs Smith organises people and teaches us French, Art, DT, RE and in assembly. You can meet Mrs Smith outside before school and she talks to us at lunchtime break.

Mr Strachan is the school caretaker and he looks after the entire school. He is very kind and helpful and if there is something to be fixed, he puts his rubber gloves on and fixes it for us.


Mrs Haggerstone is Ash Class teacher and she organises fun trips for us to go on, and is very funny and kind. Mrs Haggerstone plans lovely things for us to do.



Mrs Scott works in our lovely kitchen and looks after us at breakfast club. She serves us amazing soup, pizza, pork pie, rice pudding and cheese cake.



Miss Ridley is Elm Class teacher.



Mrs Rooney bakes delicious cakes, organises breakfast club and she works in Ash Class. Mrs Rooney is artistic, goes to Kielder with the Y4s and loves marking times table tests.




Mrs Holleywell works in Luck Ducks Pre-School in the mornings and works in Elm Class in the afternoons. Mrs Holleywell helps us to be kind to each other and teaches us how to play nicely together.



Ms McLeish makes sure we enjoy our dinner and looks after us at lunchtime. Ms McLeish is very patient and helps anyone who is hurt and thinks of fun games for us to play.



Ms McElroy works in Oak Class in the afternoon. She loves using bright colours in Art and she likes to teach us Topic. Ms McElroy is always happy and enjoys listening to our jokes.





Mrs Stevenson works in Elm Class most of the time, but also helps other children with their spellings and their maths. Mrs Stevenson helps us to have fun and stay safe at playtime.



Mrs Huntly is brilliant at teaching us P.E because she loves sports. Mrs Huntly is amazing at running the mile a day and teaches us all sorts of cool football tricks and always makes games fun.


Miss Priestley is lovely, interesting and fun and is always kind to us. Miss Priestley likes to look at our homework and enjoys taking us for CLIC maths.




Mrs Anderson works in Oak class and is helpful, kind, fun and is great at teaching us spelling. Mrs Anderson helps me with my Maths work, always helps me when I’m stuck and is fantastic at finding things and being helpful.




Mrs Blackburn (Cookie) is our school cook and she makes delicious food. My favourite dish is her cheesy pasta – yum! Cookie is very kind and will even make us a packed lunch if we are going on a trip.


Miss Holleywell is Oak Class teacher and is very nice to us. She has a lovely voice and helps us to sing lovely songs and is brilliant at teaching us how to use apostrophes.



Miss Steven works in our office, she is really nice and extremely helpful. She types up all our letters, creates the weekly newsletter, looks after our website, makes sure the registers are all correct and is very good at keeping us all organised!  

Ms Ineson works in Elm Class and is kind, helpful and funny. Ms Ineson helps Ash Class with their Maths work and loves phonics and talking to us at playtime.