Celebrating Burns Night Early!! 


Mrs Rooney played her bagpipes while a haggis was delivered to our kind volunteer who addressed it in front of the whole school at lunch time on Thursday! Everyone had a chance to try some haggis, neeps and tatties! 

Our New Library Is OPEN!!!

Author Helen Peters kindly opened our brand new library this morning in between reading sessions with the children. The library is now in our Community Building and is a fresh new space for our children to enjoy and we have an abundance of books available to enhance our children's reading experience. Thank You very much to Mrs Rooney who put a lot of time and effort into creating such a wonderful area! 

Harvest Festival 08/11/19

Thank you to everyone who has donated food for our collection. The food has been delivered to a local food-bank. 

We had a fantastic time celebrating harvest together during our assembly. The children had all been working hard on art work, poems and songs to share. 

Image result for plastic free"We are well on the way to becoming a plastic free school!

Our new milk delivery arrived this morning in glass bottles. No more plastic cartons and straws. 

Kielder Update 14.06.19 14.00pm


The Kielder bus will not return to school until after 3.30pm. If we hear anything more accurate we will update this page. 

Kielder Update 14.06.19 


We are pleased to say our phone line is back up and running, thank you for your patience. 


The Year 4s are leaving Kielder approximately 1pm, so should be back to school for normal collection time at 3.00pm.  If there are any further communications, we will update this page.

Kielder Update 14.06.19


After an extremely busy day yesterday, everyone was asleep by 9.30pm last night! A huge breakfast has been enjoyed by everyone this morning and it's packing up time before bell boating, which everyone is super excited about. 


Our phone line at school is still not available, we are hoping to have it fixed today. Please email with any queries. THANK YOU for your co-operation.  

Kielder Update 13.06.19


The year 4s successfully arrived at Hawkhirst yesterday and have had a great first afternoon and night. It's not raining there at the moment, but it's a bit windy for the lake so the children are den building this morning. They have slept well...although not as long as Mrs Smith & Mrs Rooney would have hoped! We will keep you updated on the website with any further news. 


APOLOGIES... Our phone line is intermittent at the moment, please contact us by email with any queries. THANK YOU for your co-operation. 

Look At What We Have Been Doing!

This week (23.04.19) we were visited by Zoolab. The children got to look, touch and learn about a variety of different animals and insects including cockroaches, rats, snakes, snails and giant millipedes! 

Our Year 3 children had a fantastic time at the Hoopstarz event held at the Swan Centre for Leisure. 

All of our new books have arrived from Usbourne books. Here are all the sponsored readers that helped raise all the money to buy them. You should all feel very proud, well done! 

Well done to our gymnastics team who competed at the Swan Centre. 

Image result for book clipartThank you to everyone who took part in the sponsored read. You have raised an incredible £440! 

On the 1st of February we had a visit from "Hoopstarz." The children all participated in hoola-hooping workshops, learning new tricks and routines. Here are Oak class getting to grips with some new choreography. 

The Year 4 pupils have recently been promoted to “Lunchtime Leaders”. As part of their new job, the children are expected to plan activities to help the younger children play nicely, safely and to keep all the children in school active over lunchtime break.

The Year 4 Lunchtime Leaders are currently planning and organising lunchtime clubs, such as football, cricket, basketball, tag rugby, den building, dressing up, dancing and gardening.

Jewson, building merchant in Tweedmouth very kindly replied to a letter written by the children and agreed to donate an outdoor site radio to the school in order to help the children establish a musical and dance area at lunchtime.

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